Thursday, November 22, 2018

They deserve your love...πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Hy guys ☺✋
Today was a quiet day...not noisy at all
It wasn't boring quiet but kinda cozy quiet.(don't imagine anything too beautiful 😏)😸😸
It was a little darker than usual, the trees made more pleasant sounds than usual, and the vehicles sounded quite harmonious today....👒
    All these put me in quite a perfect mood but when I looked deeper I realized there was something else contributing a huge chunk to my "perfect mood". It was...MY FAMILY!!!!
    Some weeks back my mom together with my elder brother and elder sis travelled out and it's been...o.k.a.y without them 😀😁😏(kinda 😬) but not p.e.r.f.e.c.t without them. Believe me when i say that my elder sis can be a pain in the neck 😧 but at other times she could also be a darling 😌😌 however though her absence has been greatly felt 😄😄...
My elder brother on the other hand could really be full of himself 😎 sometimes 😲😲 . Could get really annoying at times 😒...still miss him though 🙈🙈🐣...😸😸😸 as for my mom i miss her like madddddd!!!! 😭😭💜💚💖
    The thought alone that they were going to be returning today was what contributed that huge chunk to my "perfect mood" 💃💃💃...but then...👁...I got news from my dad that both my bro and sis were not in perfect states healthwise and that they would not be able to return anymore 😞😞 but still----I thank God. I thank God that's all the news I heard and not worse, I thank God that they're all still alive, and that we can all still smile knowing that very soon we shall be right by our sides again...very soon,very soon i tell ya ---🙂🙂
    A lot of times When they were here we would ignore their presence, have a fight, or hurt our feelings and...😟 but we also had some super great times together though...😄🌞🌮🎾. But in all of it who ever took a moment to imagine what a sec, min, hr, day, week or month would be like without them...we all need to do just that, take a moment to imagine what it would be like without family. When I say family what do I mean?!?!; I simply mean those we spend our best and worst moments and memories with 🏌🏊💜💜...and not necessarily someone related to us by blood as most of us consider family to be. 🙁🙁
    There's something we should always remember we can't hug memories or pics in our minds, neither can we please ghosts so while we still have them with us; hug a family member today,blow a loving kiss to them, sing them their favourite song, choose to just overlook and forgive a hurt that they might have caused you, give them the sweetest smile, call them, send them a beautiful message, prepare their favourite meal, take sometime off to just listen to them.and oh!!! we could go on and on...but just do it cos they deserve it, yes! They deserve your love cos they are FAMILY:where memories are made and kept safe...💜💛💚👫👪💏...

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

SHE'S amazing!!! πŸŽ’πŸ‘’πŸš‹πŸ‘’πŸŒŽπŸ›«...

Heyyyaaa!!! 👋👋👋
Okay so today was quite a day for me.
Was feeling unusually addicted to my phone today...🤔🤔that made me do a lot of stuff I was supposed to do late 😐😑😐😑
   surprisingly, my sister's food did not taste bad today 😏😏😁😁😋😋 I ATE WELL!!!  U know I think she's actually better than me when it comes to cooking...🤔 No!! That can't happen 😬😱😩😫😨...bwwwfffff!!! Like i care 😏(oh yes i do 😬😬)...
   Anyways, I found something I really do LOVE today and it's...👏👏👏💥🎹🎹👏👏...TRAVEL!!!😀😋😋🤗🎒👒🌍🌍🛫🚐...
Now don't get me wrong here, I did not just go on some magnificent trip to Disney Land, Dubai, Paris 🗼 or anywhere, I just had a little adventure with her up there in my imaginations today...okay maybe it was not "just a little adventure" 😳😌😌
but jeez!! She's awesome...and just who else thinks travel is a female, how many don't and how many think it's just weird to to genderlize it...if there is any word like that 🤔🙄...well who cares I just think "She's" amazing!!!😄😄😄
    I just think it's amazing how u get to see and explore soo much in a totally different place that would create their own special smiles and memories in ur world of smiles and happiness... Yet all these places are found in the same amazing world...🌍🌎🌏
...also knowing that u get to share this moments with anyone is super cool; ur partner, friends, besties, family or even pets...or maybe alone if no one has ur time 😟😟...oh come on!! sometimes enjoying ur own company (like i do sometimes) could be amazing ( if u don't see it as weird)😀😃😁...anyhow u choose to do it tough, traveling still always remains awesome!!!
   Oh little miss travel, I'll work my hard best to get a lot of money to go far and wild round the world and have an amazing adventure with u. Not "just a little adventure" in my imaginations this time around but awesome enough for the whole world to see and come along if they so please seeing how much u create great memories, smiles and happiness in my world 💜💜💃💃...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hello Everyone
I'm Elyon but when asked i just say Ely cuz things go much smoother that way. I mean i can tell someone my name is Elyon and they go like; 'what?!?!. What did u say???, Helen?!?!' Dude for goodness sake how does Elyon sound like Helen πŸ’ Jeez!!!😏...😁😁😁 well cuz of scenarios like dat I'd rather just say 'oh hi I'm Ely'...'yh nice to meet u too'...'yeah bye' 🚢🚢🚢...see easy and smooth 😁😁😁 only if things went as smooth as we imagined...
    I like laughing a lot and a lot of things that don't even as much as form a smile on people's faces make me laugh hilariously?!! 😌😌😌. It sometimes get soo annoying to those around me, they go like : ughhhhh!!! What in the world is funny about this!!! And then dat takes me to a whole new level of my laughter which attracts a statement like "oh great!!!" πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜Ž
    I LOVE nice people but i hate meeting hostile people cuz they totally destroy my mood...but then thinking about the fact that the nice person who just made me feel soo special also makes everyone she meets feel special makes me feel not too special anymore 😏😒...also thinking about the fact that the hostile person who just made me feel soo bad also makes a whole lot of people feel bad makes me feel not soo bad anymore. 🐣
i guess there's a whole lot we've got to consider before feeling the way we do and a whole lot more we've got to understand about our world...